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Artist from South Brighton, Australia
Eluize spends her time writing, creating, curating and delivering a spectrum of house and techno to soundtrack the hours. The Adelaide / Berlin based live act, DJ, producer and vocalist’s sonic leanings span from dubby and spacious, through rave inspired euphoria to intense and acidic.

Her debut album “Confide” surfaced on Craigie Knowes in 2019, flowing between dance floor hypnotics and melodies that throw you out to drift in a lonely cosmic ocean. In 2020 her sophomore LP “Gone” appeared, capturing the full-spectrum of Eluize's mastery in song-writing, composition and production in all of its shimmering glory. Her take on synthesis, drum-programming, mixing and original vocals and lyrics take you by the hand and lead you into a rich garden of colour and sound.

Eluize’s live show is fluid and transportive, encapsulating the escapism of her music and delivering it via a tight selection of synths, drum machines, her intimate vocals and of course lashings of acid. Each setlist is improvised to twist and turn through her array of genres from expansive melodic trysts for day-lit open airs to heavy hitting dance workouts for fog laden floors.

In 2020 Eluize started a coaching initiative supporting Womxn and Non-binary people in electronic music production, performance and label management, and a series of product specialist videos as well as online QnAs for Beatport Streaming.
Eluize performing a DJ set at Boiler Room in their London offices
Eluize performing a DJ set at Hör Berlin
Start of the 'Art': Eluize meets the BeatStep Pro and V Collection 9 feature for Ransom Note.
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