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╬ FIX MY SINK LIVE ╬ Goose & Hosca ╬ Sky Lounge ╬
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We are now under the impression that someone is purposely messing with our plumbing down in the underground. This common occurrence is resulting in a monthly fix up and the invoices are really starting to pile up.

We’re getting serious about this now and so we’ve decided to bring out the big guns to properly seal up these pipes.

With the breaks and leaks growing in size and number every time, we realised we were totally incapable of containing such a mess ourselves. We needed some better tools and some additional equipment to get the job done, but most importantly we needed the right people to operate those tools.

Rolling in with a ute full of live instruments, drum machines and synthesisers, Goose & Hosca make their plumbing debut. This will be the very first showing of their brand-new live show and we can’t wait to hear it. They’ve told us that the right frequencies actually help to set the PVC in place and ensure no more leaks.

Once again in to look after the warmup, Sky Lounge return with plenty of fresh material and even more infectious groove.

Masters of their craft, they’ll each be playing a live set, exploring the realms of house music. From slower, deeper, moodier tunes, to 4 to the floor rolling basslines there’s plenty to keep your mind wandering and your hips wiggling.

As with any live show, the artists will need a few moments between them to wrangle out cables and swap over their tech and maybe bust out a dance move or two of their own.

To keep us moving and grooving in the downtime, Marley Sherman will step up to the plate and provide the soundtrack to the early evening, the intermission, as well as throwing down some hammers to close out the night for us after the final keys of the live performance have been struck.

For something a little different, but still just as much of a party, join us in the underground for the second-last sink fixing showcase of the year.

╔ Goose & Hosca (live)

╔ Sky Lounge (live)

╔ Marley Sherman
10pm - Late
Sat 26th November
Tickets $20 + BF
Civic Underground
388 Pitt Street,
Sydney 2000

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