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Gregor McMurray
Artist from The Ponds, Australia
Already turning heads with critics and international hitmakers, experimental electronic artist, Gregor McMurray's breakthrough single ‘Glyph’ sent the internet spinning when it caught the attention of hip-hop legend T-Pain (who is now following Gregor), Australian tastemakers Triple-J and the wider music community at large.

The 24 year old Scottish born, Sydney based producer has seized his opportunity to soak in inspiration from all over the globe while maintaining a core consistency in his musicianship. His tracks are instantly recognisable with familiar goosebump inflicting chords and hard hitting drums appearing throughout his work.

Scathing synths, dissonant woodwinds, ethereal sounds and surging percussion work together to create a sense of vulnerability, which in turn allows Gregor to subvert audience expectations.

Spanning from SOPHIE inspired, metallic melodies paired with ghostly vocals, to Hyperpop infused dance anthems seen in tracks like ' Worth'. Gregor does a good job of scratching every itch that listeners would want scratched.
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