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Outbox Records
Record Label from Las Vegas, United States
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Circa 2007, over a 12-pack of Guinness and a game of chess, 3 friends decided to change the world. But first, we started a record label.

Our artists have played in small venues & major festivals alongside diverse acts from Method Man, Slick Rick & Zion I to Broken Social Scene, Deertick & Girls.

Originating in Nevada, USA, we specialize in creative management and marketing, emphasizing the importance of individual artistry bounded by a shared ambition. Now branching as far as Sydney, Australia, our multi-genre agency connects dots from digital distribution and brand management to performance bookings and overall awesomeness. Let's face it: the industry has evolved and so have "labels." We tend to shy away from the generic "label" tag and build relationships that ensure artists can be artists - and we can worry about all the behind the scenes jargon you don't want to stress over.

Thank you for the inspiration. If you have a question about one of our artists, send us a message.
Canto I - PULL.
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