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T&T (Topher & Trippy)
DJ from Paris, France
T&T (for Trippy & Topher) is a duo of DJs and house-music producers
consisting of french members Paris'Topher and Trippy Gonzales.
Based in Paris, Topher & Trippy are well known for their energetic back to back sets in parties like European Beardrop and Scream, Wake Up, KitKat, Sex Beat in Paris,
Hunkut, Intox, Sextravagance, FLY in Brussels, Cock-Pit for Bears Pride, GreenKomm in Cologne and in Antwerp for Full Fetish & Rage Leatherpride, Mezzo Giorno & Hardon (Boots)
They play electronic music that sounds like progressive techno & house in general.
Paris'Topher has been DJing for more than 25 years and has produced some special tracks and private remixes for his sets.
And now it's time for their first release on resolution records with "Ghost" a progressive house track that combine all their influences and experience...
2012: T&T - Ghost
2013: T&T - Shiva
2014: T&T - Ghost (Pierre O Remix) [Freegrant Music]
2015: T&T (Topher & Trippy) - Our Galaxy
2017: T&T (Topher & Trippy) - Overflow
2019: T&T (Topher & Trippy) - Electric Blue
T&T (Topher & Trippy) - Electric Blue Date de sortie 2019-10-24 Label iM Electronica Catalogue 4061798361120
T&T (Topher & Trippy) - Overflow Date de sortie 2017-12-17 Label iM Electronica Catalogue 7630047199530
T&T (Topher & Trippy) - Our Galaxy Date de sortie 2015-05-24 Label iM Electronic Catalogue IMUSICIANA24014
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